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tv   9 News at 10pm Repeat  NBC  November 4, 2016 1:05am-1:45am MDT

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loose grip on your tight ship ? ? and i lost you when you said one hit couldn't hurt a bit ? ? took a little time for your trip but i saw you starting to slip ? ? cause you always kept your eyes on every little hiding spot that you had forgot ? ? i can't shake the terror
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still, again, thanking god she was found alive. >> missing for woman is found alive. chained in a storage unit. a hit-and-run driver still on the run and now police are naming the suspect. five days away, what the government is concerned about and what they'll be watching for on election day. got travel plans for 2017? why you might want to take care of your passport in 2016. a museum on move.
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in denver. yes, that is a 6-month-old baby. 9news starts now. . sky9 is up there to cover the news, not for being the news. around 6:25 this morning, sky9 was in denver over i-70 when somebody in parking lot aimed a blue laser at the craft. police were there within minutes. the helicopter is shared with four television stations and along with a radio station. all people on board were fine. the white house is on edge five days away from election day. now government officials are taking extra precautions to avoid cyber
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infrastructre and the u.s. power grid monday possible targets on election day. they're watching for widespread denial of service. that's the type of attack caused by common household appliances last month. >> on the 21st of october, it has definitely been seen many many in security field as potentially a drill associated with a real event. it had all the signs of what you would consider a drill on the lookout for hackers as well from russia and elsewhere who might try to influence twitter, facebook, and other social media. so far, no specific threat for election day. a woman in south carolina missing for more than two months was found alive. chained inside a storage container. keela brown and her boyfriend were reported missing in late august. tips brought authorities to this property and this morning they heard brown banging on the metal container.
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chain around her neck. her boyfriend is still missing. >> the lady was found like that, i'm sorry, but i'm thanking god she was found alive. >> police arrested the property owner, a registered sex offender, for kidnapping. investigators say he and brown were acquainted but it's not clear how they knew each other. they'll be back out searching the property, 100 acres, tomorrow. >> castle rock with not facing charges. one of them is facing charges of sexual exploitation of a child. the other 16-year-old is charged with possession of an explosion live device. they're looking at gun possession charges. after they were arrested on monday, deputies went to a house in the plum creek neighborhood where they found chemicals that could have been made into a bomb. the chemicals were detonated and
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can de kom decome tamnated. police say a man was driving a white truck that hit 28-year-old pulak. that vehicle was found abandoned. she was a promising attorney at a denver law firm. reyes was living in denver but they need the public's help in finding him. if you have information, call crime stoppers. this weekend an art museum will be on the denver. sky9 went over the current location at 13th and pearl this afternoon. sunday morning the museum will start its move down 13th to broadway and then make a right down oh 11th, eventually ending up at its new home 12th and bannock. parts of pearl street will close tomorrow to get things in place. we'll explore it tomorrow on next at 6
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the weekend. a disclaimer of this next story. we did not shoot the video in question, it's important because of what the video shows. it's nothing gory. but some find fight of shocking nonetheless. we're like most of those that have xwhent commented on the video -- commented on the video page, you might think it's just fine. this is bella's story. >> reporter: bella is about to surprise you. her parents are about to as well. not because of what they're doing here, in front after set of ribs that hopefully she didn't eat. >> no teeth yet. >> reporter: no, bella. [ roaring ]. >> reporter: and the rest of the group will surprise you of what they did not long ago. i just wanted her to be, well, experiencing things, so. >> reporter: we give you a hint. >> three, two, one, go! >> reporter: we thought the same
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there's no way that's all right, right? >> experiencing life takes a measurement of risk and reward, and and, yeah. >> reporter: let's go back to randy and beth, in their preposterous and dangerous idea. what made them think she could water ski because she can't walk? >> her water skiing is a mad skill. >> reporter: dad put it together because water a the 6-month-old was capable of. to suggest the family has an adventurous side would be like saying colorado has mountains, so this just made sense. >> weeee! >> reporter: and it's not like dad was unfamiliar with the dangers. >> i was a live guard for several years. >> reporter: as for water. mom and dad say she loved it.
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life and with a specially designed life vest around her they thought, why not? they did something ultimately surprising. if they fell in, they were ready. if something went wrong, they were there. and they were surprised themselves by how much she appeared to like it. >> she surprised the heck out of me, absolutely. >> reporter: it turned out to be a world's record skier behind a boat. >> a world record! >> reporter: don't agree with with what they did, they don't care. >> it's crazy, nuts. you don't anticipate it, all the love, so ... >> reporter: and that love, they say, simply provided bella with one heck of a story. they'll just get around to telling her when she's finally ready to remember it.
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no entry for youngest water skier so we checked so this record is informal and the family tells us this was a one shot thing. they don't plan on breaking out the water skis any time soon again. >> anything you're thinking, someone in our newsroom was thinking the same thing. but kind of universally we wanted to know more. we wanted to better understand what this family was thinking, what was going on here. >> so, t and then share it with all of you. but we know not everyone thinks that's a good idea especially if we could be promoting something dangerous. >> so we want your feedback. do you think they're interesting or irresponsible to put out before the
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the peaceful beauty of camping in the wilderness but the forest service wants to make changes. overnight camping has doubled over the last few years. so there are plans to develop camping zones and they're looking at permits. the forest service is collecting comments to make a speeding stop and ended up saving a life. it was caught on the dashcam. a woman's husband and daughter were rushing her to the hospital when officer jordan jones spotted them. the driver jumps out looking for help. >> what's going on? >> i think she's having a heart attack. >> it was a blessing from the lord. knowing how to respond.
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hospital started cpr together until she started breathing again. tina costello had a heart attack so severe only 10% survive. it looks like she'll make a full recovery. >> that's the first time i've truly saved somebody's life. >> if not for that cpr costello would not have made it to the hospital. the state department says milliof passports are expiring and that will create a backlog. the change years ago that led to this issue. >> reporter: you know people love to travel to mexico, the caribbean, and canada. could you go there without a passport up until 20007. a flood of people applied for them. now all those people are about to need new ones. you may have been interest at one time or
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only to discover it's expired or about to. well, you're not alone. 49 million passports will expire over the next several years. >> in 2007 was the most amount of passports that have ever been issued and they're getting ready to expire. >> reporter: adding to the demand for new passports new security measures that include that computer chip that quickly provides personal information. the state department says many people will want the passports because they immediat requirements taking effect in 2015. some state licenses don't meet the standards, colorado licenses do. it can take up to 6 weeks to get a passport. >> a tedious process. >> reporter: soon it could take longer. the advice? >> do it now. >> reporter: one other thing you should no about when you get ready to take your passport photo, take your glasses off.
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see your face nor clearly and make travel safer for everyone. and one other thing, the new passports will have fewer pages, 28 pages, but you can choose to have 52 if you'd like. that's a lot of traveling there, kyle. >> if you ask for the frequent flyer that's what they'll give you. for high school students who know what it's like to be homeless, college may seem completely out of reach, but area colleges and universities along with denver public schools want them to know at an event tonight those students not only had the chance to hear about the options they heard about opportunities. they were told about assistance they can get. they spoke with recruiters who made the idea of college seem less daunting and more hopeless. >> it provides me reassurance, knowing that people do have my back and they're here to support me and the choices i want to make in life. >> it keeps me going if that
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so i don't know, it's just, like, i want to do something better for my future, so in order for me to do that i have to keep pushing. >> there were about 10 universities at today's fair including cu denver, metro state, and csu. video games, that pay out cash prizes. casinos think they'll figured ou attract millennials. snow shows up in a part of california that's made that difference in the state's drought. always have hope. >> that some day they'd win and by golly they did. >> fans of all ages, even those alive the last time the cubs wouldn't the world series, are still acceptbrating tonight. -- celebrating tonight. -- celebrating tonight. and
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. the casino industry thinks it has a game changing idea to get more gamers to visit their businesses. for the first time atlantic city turned on skill based video gambling machines. they have controllers. they last 45 seconds and there are cash payouts. depending on the respond more states could get the machines next year. more parts of california are seeing more rain and the sierras are seeing early season snow. it had the second wettest season for october. a look the the federal drought monday store shows the impact. a few counties in california are out of drought status entirely. others are moving into the least severe drought categories. at the start of the year 45% of california was at the worst drought level and that has since by cut in half.
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are improving in california, but unfortunately drought conditions worsening across colorado. you can see within the past three months that we have had just extreme dry weather across our state. this goes back to august 2nd on the left-hand side of your screen, you can see a couple of sports, northern and south western colorado looking at abnormally dry conditions. now nearly 3/4 of our entire state sitting under abnormally dry conditions and that peach color you see, conditions worse epg just because we have not had any rain or any snowfall around here within august, september, and october combined. we have only had 3/4 of an inch of water out there at d.i.a. versus our average which should be 3.5 inches. i wish i had better news for you for november, burr the climate prediction center indicating below average
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good swath of our state. the storm track has been favoring areas to our north keeping the heat in our backyard. 10 degrees above average today. out at d.i.a. at 69, 70s across the eastern plains. tonight we're clearing things out. cooling things out. the wind is at 14 miles per hour. a crisp november evening right there 50 degrees here in downtown denver. it's been a quiet day. a couple of light little showers cruising in toward the san juans and we'll see more of that which will be a nice change of pace around here. a storm system in mexico starting to move up with the counterclockwise flow into new mexico will eventually move into our backyard. finally this storm system will
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colorado. i really think the heaviest precipitation arrives friday evening into saturday. earlier this week we did have a little bit of moisture out there, this great shot, that landscape of the san juans and that nice coating of white with the blue bird skies beyond, just stunning, and maybe more of that. the storm system, a warm one, so we're going to get areas above 10,000 feet bit cooler. upper 30s, mostly clear skies. a light breeze going across the eastern plains. a few spots dipping down to the low 40s. 35 in telluride. the rest of the night, clear skies, the storm system pushing in toward the san juans, by tomorrow morning a few more clouds. but here in eastern colorado we won't see that much. we'll start the day with
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rain and snowfall firing up to the south and west. it will be nice to see some areas in our state will be capitalizing on a few storms and a little bit of moisture. tomorrow at 69, a carbon copy of today. we hit 75 in sterling tomorrow afternoon and a good chunk of the western slope in the 60s. a warm one in northern colorado as well. 50s and 60s for the foothills and that's th plays out. the storm systems inches closer to the metro area, i think the showers will be confined to the foothills on saturday at best. we warm things up, by sunday 68, more sunshine, and then we stay in the 60s, i'll roll out the nine-day forecast just for you guys. 72, maybe, following saturday. >> i spotted it. >> just one, just one. >> we have a way to. >>.
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there when we get there. after 108 years of frustration how can you blame cubs fans for wanting to come down to wrigley field and to see it for themselves on that big light-up sign to know that the cubs did win last night. people have been streaming down to wrigley's for a look at the sign and a selfie. the ticker tape parade is tomorrow. . [ cheering ]. chicago. that's denver last night. >> the celebration at wyman's. a woman named hazelton, the year of her birth, she's calling last night the greatest of her long life. >> well, i always hoped, had hoped. >> always had hope.
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golly they did. i wish i were in the clubhouse. >> you wish you were in the clubhouse. yes. >> did you see the champagne flying? you would have been soaked with champagne. >> so what? >> she's still making plans. she says next on her bucket list, she
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. hi, everybody. the buffalos have a great chance to clinch their first winning season in more than a decade tonight. this evening's game with ucla briefly delayed to the marshmallows. cu quarterback threw the first 151 passes this season without an interception, and then got picked off by the bruins twice in the first half. would have been three except this one got ruled a fumble. either way not brilliant move but buffs head coach mcintyre pretends he's sleeping so nobody will speak to him. colorado had a three-point lead in the fourth quarter until moments ago. oliver, returns a punt for a touchdown, first time the buffs have done that in 11 years. cu leads 20-10 now with 3 minutes to go. if nuggets rookie murray was playing a video game he would hit the
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and start over. they beat the timber wolves, but he still hasn't made a basket in four games as a pro. he missed all eight of his attempts this evening and is 0-16 on the season now. nuggets win 102-99. avalanche are off to a terrible start this morning. lost 5-1 on november 1st, and tonight got shot out by the black hawks, and 4-0 is the final. wade phillips might have to make a tough decision, might be elevator or stairs. phillips is recovering from a broken rib he suffered in a sideline collision during bradley robi's pick six against the chargers. he thought it might be better to have a safe seat in the press box for a while.
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interception for a touchdown. >> he went the way he wanted to. regardless of where he slips on a head set he'll be a better coach if his pick six specialist is on the field but that sounds unlikely. . >> reporter: the broncos have done a great job overcoming injuries the past two seasons, but this one won't be so easy. aqib talib was in california today in lower back injury. while the second doctor didn't recommend surgery, it doesn't take a football genius to realize it doesn't look good for talib playing this week. yes, the broncos beat the chargers last sunday but the chargers receivers were week. taking out the raiders without talib could be trouble. never mind what tj ward said about the raiders receivers. >> i wouldn't put them in the
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receiver and one good receiver, that's different, i feel they have two good receivers, not two elite receivers. >> reporter: webster may also miss the raiders game because of a hamstring. missing talib would not be about robi. robi is a legit corner. this is talib's spot spot. >> still of the night comes from wrigley field in chicago where boxes of chocolate were left out by the wall so cubs fans
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bill murray's victory party in the cubs locker room. we're coast-to-coast with chicago's hometown stars slel brating the world series win. >> now on "extra." ?
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shower. amy schumer rooting in the stands, celebrity grand slam as cubs make history. beyonce goes country. the backlash today over surprise appearance at cmas. as carey and brad take aim at candidates. >> you're a nasty woman. >> this election, what do hope happens? >> megyn kelly apparently about to claim former boss made physical advances inside his office. jon bon jovi what triggered the rift. >> falling out. >> final straw that sidelined the rock legend. >> in a fog. all new photos. jennifer lawrence looking into
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party. >> some of our favorites. >> now on "extra" from entertainment capital of l.a. welcome to "extra." i'm mario lopez, new video of mariah carey out with backup dancer and under siege about breakup. >> and ryan reynolds accidentally lets sex of the second baby slip first world series mania with the chicago cubs super fans and inside the locker room with bill murray. >> it's over. cubs have won it all. >> 108 year drought ends and flood of emotion. champagne soaked celebration begins for one of the biggest fans. bill murray overjoyed in the
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honking a horn. acting like a little kid. which he was in this pic. life-long fanatic. >> longer that you've been growing that beard. >> and joking with chi town rival. obama. >> he's got to kiss my ring. >> amy schumer in the stands with bod. minds" star joe mon tag that ecstatic. fans belting out go cubs go. native son who narrated this old cub documentary about third baseman ron santo. >> forever hoping that beloved cubs would one day win a world series. >> emotional after the last act.


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